What we offer

It is our desire to capture what God has put in your heart as an artist so that He gets the glory for the dedication, talent and commitment you've put into your music. It's just one of many ways you can touch the heart of many.

The studio offers a full line of music production ranging from song demos and singles to fully produced albums. We focus on excellence at every level of the recording and production process and will work with you for your project's specific needs.

The studio rate and pricing can be set on a per hour or per day schedule, as well as per song or per project basis. For rates specific to your project contact us for more information.

Our services include: arranging, hiring musicians, recording, editing, mixing, and/or mastering. We record Christian and positive music from a variety of genres, including bands, solo artists and songwriters, worship groups, instrumentalists, backing vocals and more.




  • Warm Audio U87
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Sennheiser E935
  • Sure SM 57
  • Sure SM7B
  • sE7 Condenser Mics


  • Warm Audio pre - amp
  • Presonus interface
  • Adam near field monitors


  • Yamaha CP300 piano
  • Yamaha Synths/Keyboards
  • Novation Synths
  • Ibanez Acoustic Electric
  • Fender Jazz Master
  • Nord Stage 3
  • Kurzweil SPS 4-8

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